"Well, where do I begin? From the moment I stepped off the plane I was amazed how well ran it was. I was greeted by Vladimir at the airport and from that moment my hunting trip began. Food, accommodation, company and hunting guide all were amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Trip of a life time! I will use FARhunt again 100%"

Stephen O'Reily, Ireland


"I had the pleasure of taking part in a 3-day driven boar hunt arranged by FARHunt in Croatia in 2016. From the moment we arrived, Vladimir was extremely attentive to our needs and was a superb host throughout. The quality of the accommodation and food was well above our expectations. The hunting itself was exceptional; every member of the party shot boar including a number of large kielers, with drive after drive producing great shooting. The friendly and helpful beaters and keepers were excellent, working very hard to produce quality drives, and showed excellent respect for shot game, with every single shot boar being followed up and retrieved. All in all a superb trip - I would strongly recommend FARhunt to anybody considering hunting in Europe.

Pete Brady, England


"I have hunted with FARhunt many times and they have always been helpful and I would definitely recommend them if you're looking for some great hunting anywhere in the world. They are always the first ones I go to. Thanks again FARhunt for all you do for us."

Lee Jackson, Wiltshire Deer Stalking, England


"We have hunted Driven Boar with FARhunt for the last two seasons. We reached high volume of boar on our trips and which produced some excellent keilers. Excellent food and accommodation. Fantastic scenery and very well organised hunt all round."

Mick Cleere, Ireland

Driven Wild Boar Hunt in Croatia

Driven hunt is one of the most exciting hunts you can get. Barking dogs, running wild boars and need for high-end shooting will make this adventure one of your favorite hunting experiences.

Individual hunts in Croatia

Balkan Chamois, Brown Bear, Mouflon, Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, Golden Jackal, Roe Deer - on the beautiful Adriatic Coast, on the Mediterranean Islands, in the Europe's biggest swamp area, in the Europe's biggest oak wood complex or maybe mountains? Croatia can offer you all that! FARhunt will organise a tailored hunt based on your wishes.

Africa - Namibia

Every hunter's dream is to hunt in Africa. After the first hunt, every hunter's dream is to come back to Africa!

Accommodation in the luxourious camp during the hunt or adventure in the simple tented camp in the middle of Kalahari desert - it's up to you do decide, everything else is our concern!

Individual hunts in Europe

- Muntjac, CWD, Sika Deer or Exotic Species in England
- Ibex and Barbary Sheep in Spain
- Hunting Adventure in the Arctic Circle
- Seal hunt in Finland or Sweden
- Alpine Chamois in Slovenia or Austria
- Feral Goat and Sika Deer in Ireland

FARhunt can make all your hunting dreams
come true!

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Our mission is to provide a high quality hunting experience, always tailored by our clients' individual requests. The all-inclusive offer is our trademark – first class accomodation, food and drink. We like to keep things simple – there are no „obligatory“ extra costs related to your hunting trip. If you already have a specific hunting wish or just want someone to advise you about your next hunting trip – contact FARhunt and start your journey with us.

Dr Vladimir Farkaš

FARhunt Owner and Your Hunting Guide

Creating Hunting Memories for Life




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